The Inner Retreat


Tranquility in Guyana

Your weekend getaway!


Come and enjoy birds and breeze while you stay at a beautiful 9 bedroom, Chalet ranch-style building on a secluded 3 acre farm.

Lot F Retreat Rd. Parika, Hydroni, on the east bank of the Essequibo River twenty miles from Georgetown.

For more info please telephone 592-260-4504 and ask for Nalini.

Front View of The Inner Retreat – More photos >>

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About Guyana, South America

The Dutch arrived, and subsequently settled here in 1580, and Guyana’s history is now replete with battles fought and lost, as the Dutch, as well as the British, French and Spanish tried for centuries to control this land.

Covered with rivers and a massive rainforest, it’s a rugged, unspoiled country, with over 90% of its population living along the coastal areas.

Guyana gained independence from the UK in 1966 and is South America’s only English speaking country, Today, with its state-controlled past left behind, it’s moving into a free market system and a brighter, independent future.

Capital City: Georgetown (population 351,000)

Population: 703,150

Languages: English, local dialects